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Cookie Policy
Below, you will find a list of cookies generated while browsing the website.

What are the Cookies?
Cookies are small texts files sent to the user by the website visited. They are stored in the computer hard disk and allow the website to recognize the users through some information about them in order to improve their experience of the website.

Categories of Cookies
This website uses technical cookies (not advertising). Technical cookies are only used in order to provide the services explicitly requested by the user, and so they are necessary to the communication. These cookies are used strictly for this purpose and they are installed by the webmaster. They are navigation cookies or session cookie, which guarantee the normal experience of a website (for example, allowing the user to make a purchase or log in into reserved areas); analytics cookie, used only by the webmaster to collect information about the visits on the website; functionality cookies, allowing the user to browse the website using some selected criteria, such as the language, in order to improve the service offered.

  • First-party Cookies: belong to the editor of the website, and their domain is shown in the URL address. They are created in order to improve efficiency and track patterns of behavior of the users browsing the website.
  • Third-party Cookies: these cookies are set by another domain, not the one browsed by the user. A company, other than the one whose website the user is browsing, sends data through that website.
  • Session Cookies: they are temporarily stored and they are erased when the user shuts down the browser. If the user signs in in the website, it can use cookies collecting personal data in order to recognized the user for future browsing of the same website and facilitate the log in (e.g. memorizing user name and password). The websites uses cookies for administration purposes. The website may contain links to other websites. The webmaster has no access or control over cookies, web bacon and other tracking technologies used by third party websites the user can browse through these links; over availability, content and material posted or obtained through these websites and their personal data policy. The webmaster refuses to accept any responsibility. The user should check the privacy policy of the websites he is browsing to know the personal data policy applied, because the Privacy Policy of the website is applied for strictly for the website itself.
  • Persistent Cookies: they are memorized on the device in between sessions, and the store preferences or actions of the users in order to, for example, remember the preferences while browsing the website.
  • Strictly necessary Cookies: they are necessary for the website. Without them, some parts of the website would not function. For example, they are cookies which allow to log in restricted areas. They do not collect data for marketing or advertising purposes and they cannot be disabled.
  • Functionality Cookies: these cookies allow to identify users the second time they browse the website. Through them, users can customize the contents and the website memorizes the preferences (language or region). They collect only anonym data, nothing that can identify the users.
  • Cookies di condivisone sui Social Network: they facilitate the sharing of the website contents on the social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. To know about Privacy and Cookies Policy of the websites, please check. and

See below the list of the main cookies used by this website, their description and functionality, as well as their duration.

Cookies used on this website

Category First-party; Functionality cookies
Origin Website
Duration Persistent
Purpose Memorize user’s settings (save the user’s session and store his access settings)


Category First-party; Functionality cookies
Origin Website
Duration Session
Purpose Costomize the website’s contents accordingly to the user’s device, his preferences and settings (anonymously)

How to change settings or disable cookies
Many browsers accept automatically cookies, but the users can change the settings to disable this function. Is it possible to disable every category of cookies or just a few. Users can check the “Options” or “Preferences” sections in the browser menu in order to disable cookies and/or other tracking technologies and to receive notification every time they are enabled. Users can also check the Help section on the toolbar of the browser.

For further information about cookies and preferences (first/third-party cookies), please check the platform

Please remember that disabling navigation or functionality cookies can cause websites malfunction and/or limit the services offered.



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